Audit Section

This audit will consist of:

  1. Equipment control & asset management:

    Define asset number, type of maintenance provide by manufacturer or service provider / in house service.

  2. Data Quality Managements (Equipments):

    • Nomenclature
    • Manufacturer
    • Model
    • Serial No.
    • Unique ID no.
    • Acquisition cost
    • Equipment life cycle
    • Maintenance assessment etc.
  3. Equipment maintenance management.

  4. Quality assurance of the equipment.

  5. Equipment Risk Management:

    Action required to avoid equipment related risk –Electrical safety, Calibration etc.

  6. Evaluation (as per international guideline):

    Equipment replacement planning & budgeting, depreciation calculations for individual equipment.

Data require from hospital during audit:

  • List of equipment available within hospital.
  • Date of Installation.
  • Purchase price (for evaluation reason)
  • Type of maintenance done by manufacturer / Contractor / in-house.
  • Record of spare part replacement (major) within last three years tenure.

During audit thorough access to all biomedical equipments is required.

One technical person preferably Biomedical Engineer will accompany during audit, he/she will be responsible to identify the equipments in different departments.

All biomedical equipments should be produced in clean & hygienic condition.